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My current appointments & whereabouts

basicinternetSince the life can get hectic when you work several things, I finally found a bit of time for the current update on my appointments and whereabouts. I love to be occupied with several projects, gigs, jobs (if you like it) because they are interconnected and entail all my professional and personal interests and expertise.

Since January this year, I’m serving as Advisory board member at International Child Art Foundation (ICAF), Washington DC.  ICAF serves children worldwide, an organisation that employs the arts to build bonds of understanding and creativity and empathy among children around the world. Check out the ways you can support ICAF – here.

This spring I joined the Basic Internet Foundation (Oslo, Norway) as Digital Equality Advisor, and I’m working on international project that provides the underconnected areas (such African countries) with open and free access to the Internet, as well as to basic information on health care, education, help to girls and women, and development.

And finally, my new Internet research interest is IoTSec (the security of Internet of Things) and I’ve been given the opportunity to work as a visiting researcher at UNIK research institute in Norway. The research is related to the NFR project “IoTSec – Security in Internet of Things (IoT) for Smart Grids”, and my contribution is on Internet-related social innovation and social implications into IoTSec.

Words cannot express how grateful I am to have an opportunity to work on a variety of projects. Also, with my business partner, I initiated a start-up, you’ll hear about it in some future posts. Until the next writing, thanks for reading 🙂

Exciting new things ahead!

dr summer 2015

Hello everyone! I hope this message finds you feeling good.

It’s September. Fall is finally here! I love fall and couldn’t wait for it after a long, hot summer (you could say that I’m a winter child). Today is the 9th birthday of this blog/website; it’s 9 years of mostly blogging (less in the past couple of years – I was overly occupied with research, writing, helping organisations). It depends how you perceive things, either the glass is half full or half empty, or always full. I’m looking forward to the cold and I welcome the chance at a fresh, new start.

My summer was in a working mode, see the photo above, there’s no sight of the beach, palms, or the sea – I was a real busy bee, writing (in a local coffee shop, too), printing, taking photos, communicating ideas with friends, drawing/painting/water-colouring (do you like giraffes on the pic?), ordering books and more books I was/am reading, baking cookies as a lchp and glutten-free goddess, eating out (exploring new restaurants) & then installing fitness apps (I’m the queen of them, you should see how many of them I have installed and I’m currently using only one), decluttering my space and organising clothes thanks to Marie Kondo’s book, plus I had a long weekend in Budapest and had an amazing luxurious/spa time at Omorovicza. Continue reading “Exciting new things ahead!”