adio 2018!

My year was very active, full of events and work and travel and excitements, unpredictabilities, and then the sadness of the passing of my dearest one, and again, work and travel and exciting projects, wonderful people and colleagues who support me (thank you DigI team!), and super new things I am doing on a daily basis that excite me and bring value to me and people around me.

Three things before we hit 2019:

  1. If you and your organization are in the IT and work on the internet and sustainable development goals, and internet infrastructure and governance, then this is a chance for you to contribute to the High-level panel on Digital cooperation. Check out the various ways for your input and contributions, here.

2. A co/authored article of the team @Basic4All “Internet Lite for Sustainable Development” and has now been published in the “Nordic and Baltic Journal of Information and Communications Technologies”.

The Digital Divide is one of the key challenges for mankind. Despite attempts to digitally include people, the divide is bigger than ever. This contribution to a sustainable future promotes “Internet lite” as the new paradigm for providing everyone with the opportunity to participate in the digital society. The current paper first addresses the reasons for the digital divide, thereafter addresses free access to information as catalyst for the sustainable development goals (SDGs) and provides the path towards “Internet lite for all”.

Check it out and download from here.

3. And third, for now: you will be reading in January-March 2019, the latest ICAF’s ChildArt magazine (HQed in Washingon, DC) that I will be featured as an editor, with Online safety and education theme of the issue. You know I’m volunteering at ICAF for some time now and thought it would be great to open the new year with this important issue for our children. We are preparing great articles written by experts from all over the world for the children.

And not that I’ve been working nonstop and the entire year, I enjoyed travelling and meeting new and old people/friends/colleagues, and created some artwork.

Earlier this winter in Oslo, team meeting
Oslo marina & fjord
Another meeting, this time in Munich
in Pinakothek museum
Riding the electric rickshaw for the first time, Vienna.
Visiting Monet in Albertina, and re-found Matisse I love.
At the Musikverein concert Golden hall, Haydn and Mozart that night.


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