Rolling Stones at Jaz Beach or Red Hot Chili Peppers in Indjija?

When I was a little girl, it was family known thing that if someone asks me what is my favourite football team I should say Red Star. Even today  I am “Red Star” fan, although my knowledge of football is more than miserable. Then I grew up into teenager and I used to listen to grunge music, alternative and rock, and I was always, even before teenage years- the Beatles girl. If someone ask : Beatles or Stones? I would say Beatles of course. Now when I am old-er (hope this post won’t go via D.Day’s ‘Que sera-sera’ way), I know clearly that between Red Hot Chili Peppers or Rolling Stones concert, I would prefer RHCP. Why? I am familiar with very few of Rolling Stones tunes I love to hear and sing, but than I grew up with Red Hot Chili Peppers, and I can listen to certain songs over and over again. I follow their work since early 90’s, I am RCHP fan, as I know many kids and young people get into them in 2000’s, with their recent few albums. I was there from their beginning, not to mention physical transformations and  Anthony Kiedis love named after me (it is not only about Dani California, but those who know Danica was the name mentioned in some RHCP songs), and now seems I am really old, as old friend of mine (older older than me) bought tickets for Rolling Stones concert at Jaz beach, Montenegro, 9th July. Belgrade event is on July 14th. Anyway, why am I writing this? I am not able to go to RHCP concert. Today in the middle of downtown tropic shade I got phonecall from Montenegro just to confirm again, I am going to R.Stones concert. I am indifferent. Ok, I am not that enthusiastic as more than 70.000 people will come from all over the country and others (Italy, Croatia, Bosnia, Slovenia, etc), plus I am not that into Mick Jagger and the gang, nowadays. Respect to them, but again I prefer to enjoy in RHCP. On 9th July, I will be here, getting bored I guess, mingling with crowds of people at this beach, and listening to Angie instead of Dani.





  1. Chris says:

    Agree with you on that!! I can’t really stand the Rolling Stones… I find their music zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzBoringzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!

    RHCP on the other hand, play the kind of music that gets to me, “Funk Rock”! =]
    If you like them, you really should check out everything related to Nuno Bettencourt! (Extreme, Mourning Widows, Population 1/DramaGods, Lucia Moniz, Satellite Party, etc)
    He’s the “Funk Blues Rock” Master! 😉

  2. danicar says:

    Thanks Chris, will take a listen. I know Extreme, they were popular in 90’s.

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