Coffee drinker? Caffeine addict?

What do you drink (water and fruit juices not included) in the morning? How much caffeine do you take during the day, ever wondered? Some historical notes:

* As long ago as 2737 B.C., Chinese Emperor Shen Nung was boiling drinking water when the leaves of a nearby bush fell into the pot, creating a wonderful smelling drink and the first pot of tea.
* Coffee originated in Africa around 575 A.D., where beans were used as money and consumed as food.
* Eleventh century Arabians were known to have coffee beverages.
* While exploring the New World, Spanish conquistadors were treated to a chocolate drink by Aztec Emperor Montezuma in 1519.
* The world’s first caffeinated soft drinks were created in the 1880’s.

Well, surprisingly I got answer why my morning green tea cup makes me content and I have no extra need for cup of coffee – nutrition facts say that cup of green tea or tea has 30mg of caffeine, almost the same as cappuccino, or regular coffee American.

Take a look at the table, some facts and values are not only for tea or coffee but also cola and some soft drinks.



  1. mk says:

    For more facts checkout
    For a better alternative drink soyfee at

  2. Danica says:

    Thanks, calculator is awesome and detailed. My total daily caffaine intake (via tea, coffee( is: 182.6 mgs /DAY

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