Lawrence Lessig Speech at iCommons Summit 2007

Professor Lessig from Stanford Law School gave a speech at iCommons Summit on burning issues of open source, licences, sharing economy,  open education, software  in order to build free culture, freedom to chose so that every author,  scientist or teacher can be free to choose and to make their work available to others. He also had interesting talk on respect movement ( can copyright owners get any r.e.s.p.e.c.t?) and also announced that he decided  “to shift my academic work, and soon, my activism, away from the issues that have consumed me for the last 10 years, towards a new set of issues.”, explained here.



  1. […] gave a great motivational talk to Open Culture (not sure that really is a proper noun) activists – watch it at danicar’s site. This entry was written by Geeklawyer and posted on June 20, 2007 at 2:04 pm and filed under […]

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