Readings: expect the unexpected

Here is the list for recently published texts and articles, readings in the next few days for those who are curious and want to entertain their grey cells:

European Association of Social Anthropologists (EASA) Media Anthropology Network is discussing working papers about socio-cultural aspects of media technology uses within the scope of e-seminars via the Network’s mailing list. Some of these papers and discussions address internet technologies from a range of different perspectives. The website of the Network also provides annotated bibliographies, information about media anthropology events, and selected discussions from the mailing list as PDF documents.

Another is on social networking via Wired, here as well. More on Facebook via Smart Mobs. Also, very interesting post that will lead you to the International Journal of Communication’s recent special issue on Net Neutrality with entire collection of scholarly articles.

For those who are more alike multimedia, recently released documentary Zeitgeist Movie, official release full film, more about this at the official web site.

And for graphic, design interactive oriented readers, enjoy in this web page.

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