Irishman in Belgrade

How do I know Jonathan? First, he wrote an entry into my Wall at the FaceBook saying that he is my blog fan reader! Voila! Meeting people from blogosphere right into the Facebook (and vice versa) and getting know  people and who are my readers. Couldn’t it be any better?

However, Jonathan was born in South Africa, is Irish and lives and works in Belgrade,  runs  Limbic Nutrition blog, and obviously is fan of Serbian culture and women (sorry Jon, but according to the Flickr, you are ; ) . He is my Facebook buddy, and indeed he loves Serbian people. In this video he talks on Irish and Serbian people, similarities, some political issues, and more.



  1. Ilija says:

    I am think that you are totaly given the throuth about serbian people and serbian culture,I am glad to find at lest one video about serbian throuth,and i am glad to know that you are redy to expose the throuth to the world.You just go ahead and no one can not defeat you.My English is not wery well so don’t resent

  2. Firstly, thank you Danica for posting my video! I am always honoured to be the subject of one of my favourite blogs!

    Ilija, thank you very much for your kind words. The great news is that the truth about Serbs and Serbia is finally getting out. It is not just me, I am reading good press about Serbia everywhere. As for your English, it is fine. Thanks for trying. The day I have a conversation in Serbian is the day I will have the right to criticize Serb’s English 🙂

    Kind regards,


  3. Danica says:

    Jonathan, thank you so much for being optimitic about Serbian economic future.
    Ilija I couln’t more agree with you, and Jon was here to spread again the word/truth about Serbian people.
    Now i know why in my teen yrs I’ve read so many of Joyce, Yeats:)

    And thank you for confirming, from aside, and we all knew this – that Serbian women are the most beautiful women in the world (:


  4. jovan says:

    excellent video 🙂
    especially, i like the challenge for the duel at the end :)))
    having lived in southern african region [botswana] for few years, i have to say it is an accent that’s hard to get rid off – after 6,5 yrs in UK, i still get people sometimes thinking i am south african [it kind of lingers under my current accent, whatever that is.

    also, off to dOblin [and ireland] for the first time, in couple of weeks.


    p.s. Danica, thx for bringing Jonathan to my attention 🙂 very interesting blog + still looking if i’ll recognize someone on his pics from BG 🙂

  5. Raphaël says:

    Salut ljudi !
    Glad to see something optimistic about Serbia. I met in Nis other strangers like Jonathan and me who like to live with serbian people. In France politic propagande against serbs is very strong, hard to explain them why i like so much to be there. I think we have to make maximum of noise about what we like in this great people.

    sve najbolje

  6. limbic says:

    Thank you all for the kind comments! And finding kindred spirits in Jovan and Raphael has been a pleasure.

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