Sky is the limit? Time is the limit!

I would rather say. And 24hrs is not enough to do all you want, have to. At least, not for me. For all readers who’ve been writing to me, either via IM or via social online networks or some other micro ways – I’ve exchanged short thoughts, information as I’ve been very busy (read www-> working wild woman), and still I am, but I’m trying to sort things out as there are lot to be done, to be learnt, and eternal question: what next?

For those who wasn’t ‘here and there’ while I was micro-blogging (via Twitter, Pownce, Stumble, etc.) here’s short list of links what have had happened/happening (following blogging will go back to normal – whatever that means) :

Tractis – digital signature and another online service that do business at internet speed (here invites), didn’t started yet as I don’t know who in my network is using Tractis.

Newsweek published recent article to read on Facebook expansion. While TechDirt blames Facebook for productivity losses due to “personal surfing” at work(don’t do it). !

Also comScore published the results of a study on expansion of social networks across thee globe, revealing the data on some major social networking sites and their growth in the past 12 months. Their press release center published also that Bebo is the most visited social networking site in UK.

William Gibson was special guest at Boing Boing interview here, on new novel.

Sky is the latest edition of Google Earth. You get a 3D view of all the constellations viewable from earth, over 100 million stars and 200 million galaxies are included. Isn’t that lovely? Download here.

Read, via, on the case of science blogger – PZ Meyers, biologist and associate professor at the University of Minnesota, Morris, who was sued for ‘unfavorable book review’.

And amusement during hot and humid summer days, here’s hilarious video “showing what a business meeting might look like if comments were enabled”.

What next? Some of the readings on internet marketing, advertising consulting and creative design …

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