Microbloggers? Social networkers?

I have to write para-post story, as everything is hyperlinking with everything. Scobleizer wrote interesting post on new app social networking and ‘minibloggers’ forms, as in the past 4 days at Facebook, I found out really interesting and great apps for everyday functioning, and many of them present mini-blog forms (Twitter, Wallboard, posted items, University and Organization networks, Wall, Last.fm, huh, my moods, films, my Questions and people’s answers, Marketplace, groups, very lively and lovely discussions and great brainstorms).

Anyway, I was very surprised this morning when I found out that one of my RSS Belgrade and Beyond readers is British, and lives in Belgrade, very old blogger of Limbic nutrition blog, where he writes on Neuroscience, Evolutionary Psychology, Psychology, History, Mythology, Semiotics, etc. He found me by para-para hyperlinking way at Facebook, and wrote a scrap at my Wall. Voila! Simple! Social networking! Also, friends within FB can be former colleagues, professors, mentors, founders of Wikia, e.g, or friends, digital gurus and surprize: today I met a man, professor that I used to read (the digital media communities) as student for my communications and media studies. I love Facebook and all the apps that are popping up each day. This is not anymore the second, but third life, with blogs another new web 2.0 forms appearing each day. By the way, does anyone have invitation to Dopplr? (:

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