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    The best dissertation award

    I know this is rather a bit tardy to announce (read: a dynamic period over here), however, last month I won an award for the best dissertation in 2015! I won few awards before (once for the best short story in the literature and one for the ICTs contribution at theFaculty of Engineering), and this one I didn’t expect to get. Apart from any public recognitions, I am always aware of the value of my own work, on the amount of time and energy I put into it and to get things done in the best possible manner. To be honest, I was hoping not to get it, how silly :)? Of course, it is a great honour and I am very glad that Serbian Public Relations Association (DSOJ) and the jury recognized the relevance of my research (ICTs in education, examining the internet dynamics and digital inequalities, etc.). I want to thank to Serbian Public Relations Association and the jury of DSOJ. Here is the PhD in Serbian; sorry folks, those who want to translate it into English, please do ping me. I’m overly saturated with own manuscript.

    This is a citation reference:

    Radovanović, Danica. Uticaj internet zajednica na komunikaciono – društvene procese u umreženom okruženju. Doktorat, Fakultet tehničkih nauka, Univerzitet u Novom Sadu, 2015.

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    Quick reads: on overnight success and patience

    I decided to start with quick read series of stories, some observations and reflections on life, work cycle, progress, people, human nature, social web paradigm, etc.

    Few weeks ago I bought a flower, a hyacinth from the local flower shop (for some reason I kept writing on Instagram – tulip, it’s not tulip it’s hyacinth). It was baby hyacinth in a pot, I placed it on my working desk, where I could observe and enjoy its growth. I watered it every day as the lady in the flower shop suggested.  The first four, five days nothing happened. Nothing. I watered it, took pictures to capture any progress and then I’d post those photos on the Instagram. No progress whatsoever, I almost quit on it. On the sixth day, I noticed that some of the buds started to move. Just to move, not open yet. And then a week later, I woke up early and saw that 1/3 of the buds were moving, they started to turn into beautiful pink petals.

    Do you see here (L photo) some buds started to move?











    In 6/7 days, the hyacinth fully blossomed (R photo) spreading its intoxicating perfume I love in the spring.

    I’ve been thinking about this and came up with two morals of the story. The first moral is that all good

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    Giving back

    Few days ago it was my birthday and somehow I felt inspired to give back and donate to those charities that personally resonate with me or someone that has an important role in my life. This year, these are the organisations I contributed  15 % of my income and I encourage you to do the same if you want and if you can.

    crveni-krstRed Cross of Serbia. I contributed to the program for children help and the program of social inclusion. It is obvious and especially in Serbian society children with special needs or without the home and family need your support. You may not be able to give blood, for example, however, you can entail volunteering time with a charity or donate. Here you can make a donation (see instructions for dinars, EUR, and USD).


    wikimediaWikimedia Foundation. Investing in knowledge is the best thing you can do for yourself and others. Wikimedia Foundation is behind Wikipedia – the first online, collaborative, transparent, user-generated, information and knowledge oriented project on the Internet, important for the future of education and that helps (whether you are aware of it or not) to developing your digital literacy skills on the web. See the donation page.



    ICAFInternational Child Art Foundation (ICAF). You probably noticed my previous post on ICAF, and soon to be published an article on music and children development. ICAF serves children worldwide, an organisation that employs the arts to build bonds of understanding and creativity and empathy among children around the world. Check out the ways you can support ICAF – here.



    alzheimer EUAlzheimer Europe.  This NGO aims at raising awareness of all forms of dementia by creating a common European platform through co-ordination and co-operation between Alzheimer organisations throughout Europe. This is important to me because in my country awareness about dementia is non-existent and this is the area that needs research and development. I believe that you know someone who is diagnosed with dementia, however, this is also the social stigma in many societies. You can help Alzheimer Europe by purchasing some of their publications – here.


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    The influence of internet communities on communication-social processes – my PhD dissertation

    The influence of internet communities on communication-social processes in the networked environment.


    The structure and dynamics of online communities reveal, expand and transform the possibilities for social and business networking, by implementing the new technological solutions. Internet communities represent different web applications and social networking sites that in addition to social and media context, aim at the most important communication performance: the interaction. In this dissertation, the technological and organizational structure of the internet communities were explored, in addition to the description of communication processes, their structure and communication conventions. The aim is to present a typology of the internet communities in Serbia, by the content analysis, online surveys and semi-structured interviews as methods for the empirical research. The focus of this work is to explore the representation and use of the internet and web services, as well as the emergence of the internet communities and exploration of communication opportunities that new digital technologies provide in everyday communication and the academic community. In addition to a better understanding of global communication and participation of organizational systems and individuals from Serbia in a given process, this study aims to show the importance and inevitability of new digital communication technologies in everyday communication, in modern education and in science. By deploying theories of digital communications and sociology of web, as well as the empirical evidence – in the thesis attention will be paid to the possibilities of application of internet technologies in the area of higher education. Through the categories of new sociability and networked community, the processes of collaboration and interaction are explored, and communication possibilities in the internet communities in Serbia are tested.  New phenomena that emerge in the communication and collaboration practices in an advanced intelligent system, such is a higher education community, will be analysed and presented.


    Internet communities, social networks, communication processes, digital inequalities, usage of internet in higher education, digital divide


    Last week, I defended my doctorate, a five year old research in the form of dissertation on the Armistice Day (ironic coincidence or not) 11.11.2015. It included a dissertation talk, a defense at the Faculty of

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    Exciting new things ahead!

    dr summer 2015

    Hello everyone! I hope this message finds you feeling good.

    It’s September. Fall is finally here! I love fall and couldn’t wait for it after a long, hot summer (you could say that I’m a winter child). Today is the 9th birthday of this blog/website; it’s 9 years of mostly blogging (less in the past couple of years – I was overly occupied with research, writing, helping organisations). It depends how you perceive things, either the glass is half full or half empty, or always full. I’m looking forward to the cold and I welcome the chance at a fresh, new start.

    My summer was in a working mode, see the photo above, there’s no sight of the beach, palms, or the sea – I was a real busy bee, writing (in a local coffee shop, too), printing, taking photos, communicating ideas with friends, drawing/painting/water-colouring (do you like giraffes on the pic?), ordering books and more books I was/am reading, baking cookies as a lchp and glutten-free goddess, eating out (exploring new restaurants) & then installing fitness apps (I’m the queen of them, you should see how many of them I have installed and I’m currently using only one), decluttering my space and organising clothes thanks to Marie Kondo’s book, plus I had a long weekend in Budapest and had an amazing luxurious/spa time at Omorovicza.

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    Making sense out of data: coding, creating, contributing

    Ok,  here’s what I’ve been doing in the previous couple of weeks (among other things).  I cannot reveal it completely right now, just a little sneak-peak (see the snapshot). Beside e-resources and data I’ve been collecting, processing, and analysing, I’ve created a huge analogue map made out of more than 60 printed spreadsheets all over the office wall, and added some colour and cross-thematic coding. Now my creativity, the scientific story-telling, and writing is what I am challenging myself with in the next couple of weeks. Many of you searched in the box up here on the site how to overcome digital divides, and what are digital divides present in social media now so I know there is also a lot of interest in those topics. Some of my work on this will be published early in December.  The book chapter I’ve contributed to the Routledge Advances in Sociology series will be published in May 2013.  The link to the forthcoming book is http://www.routledge.com/books/details/9780415525442/

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    Literature Time: Reading the Story for the Global Voices Podcast

    The 12th edition of Global Voices podcast is bringing you this month some international story telling.  This edition is about literature and publishing. Newsroom journalist, host of BBC Outriders, and blogger, Jamillah Knowles gathered well-read members of the Global Voices team and created the wonderful podcast of beautiful readings of original work by GV authors and the wider community. For those who are not familiar with, I do write literature sometimes, given the fact that I come from literary and musical family, literature and arts are the part of my persona. So, I read one of my short stories. More about the background on the Global Voices podcast page.

    Many of you asked and tried to guess what was the inspiration for the story (You Should Date a Woman Who Writes). I won’t tell you everything as I avoid to explain myself too much, especially in arts and literature. I’ve communicated the background to some of my Facebook friends on the network, and I thought it would be fair to share a few notes on my blog. On a personal note, the inspiration for the story was the situation from the past with a person who sent me the novel of Italo Calvino – ‘If On a Winter’s Night a Traveller’. I was totally mesmerized by it. It was my type of novel, totally written in a non linear way, very geeky and peculiar, many characters intertwining into different stories. After reading it, I just sat and wrote the story.

    Also, I want to share a very interesting communication dynamics from the Facebook: one of my Internet colleagues – Nathan Matias, a poet and software engineer from the MIT Media Lab, gave a beautifully written literary review and the critic of the story. With the permission I am quoting his words here:

    ” (..) I really like your story’s playful, imaginative diversity of viewpoints. I love how it lingers over tumbling overflowing listed items of possibility, avoiding essentialism while staying firmly grounded in the beautiful scene in the middle. And then we’re off again, situating the “I” in the shared stories of women writers and imagining the addressee among similar if narrower possibilities as the speaker. I love how writing, in this story, becomes life itself, unfinished, open to new chapters, longing to close the gap between imagination and experience.  Wonderfully appropriate in a response to being given a Calvino novel : ) Again, thanks for sharing!”

    Indeed, the story is left unfinished on purpose, in order to leave the open space for the new, future, and upcoming stories, essays and tales that have a non-linear dynamic of writing. I hope you will enjoy my reading (jump to 26.36”).