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Quick reads: on overnight success and patience

I decided to start with quick read series of stories, some observations and reflections on life, work cycle, progress, people, human nature, social web paradigm, etc.

Few weeks ago I bought a flower, a hyacinth from the local flower shop (for some reason I kept writing on Instagram – tulip, it’s not tulip it’s hyacinth). It was baby hyacinth in a pot, I placed it on my working desk, where I could observe and enjoy its growth. I watered it every day as the lady in the flower shop suggested.  The first four, five days nothing happened. Nothing. I watered it, took pictures to capture any progress and then I’d post those photos on the Instagram. No progress whatsoever, I almost quit on it. On the sixth day, I noticed that some of the buds started to move. Just to move, not open yet. And then a week later, I woke up early and saw that 1/3 of the buds were moving, they started to turn into beautiful pink petals.

Do you see here (L photo) some buds started to move?











In 6/7 days, the hyacinth fully blossomed (R photo) spreading its intoxicating perfume I love in the spring.

I’ve been thinking about this and came up with two morals of the story. The first moral is that all good Continue reading “Quick reads: on overnight success and patience”