Ten years of this site – things I learned

in OsloThis month (and year) is ten year anniversary of this site and blog. Can you believe how fast a decade passed by? I’ve been publishing online since 2001 on different platforms (LiveJournal, Wired blogs, Blogger) and finally found the place here at my dedicated website.

I started here with small posts on culture, technology, life, academia, travel, a micro-snippets of daily life. In 10 years, I’m grateful to share all the events, new findings, travels, and life stories with you. In 10 years, I learned a lot! It’s been both challenging and rewarding, mostly rewarding and full of blessings. For 10 years we’ve seen how technologies changed, how the web evolved from 1.0 into 2.0 and further on into web 3.0/social/semantic version of itself; and now we have the big data and Internet of Things (IoT) and the vast of new and exciting technologies to embrace. And new generations, millennials and post-millennials are dictating in a way the dynamics of the ICT and online communication. Now, everything is brief, short, micro-posted online, and the attention is the most wanted and valuable asset.

Here are the top 10 things I learned in the past 10 years. These professional lessons can be also applied to a personal life, and the list would go on and on:

1. to know when to take chances and risk and when to say “no”. Also, it is OK to switch to a different field or profession;

2. to accept collaborations and projects even if they are outside my comfort zone of knowledge and skills;

3. to learn new things at work as I go. You don’t wait to be “ready”, you make yourself ready by daily learning and gaining new skills;

4. to be aware that there may be some people on the way who may try to destabilize or diminish your work, and then you have to change your focus and direction immediately and,

5. to focus on the good and positive new people you will collaborate with, and enjoy the blessings that these collaborations will bring only great fruitions and awards,

6. to maintain and keep connections, people, and collaborations who mean well and work both for your good and common good;

7. to help and give back, to charity, to the cause, to a project, to the world;

8. to know when to quit the gig/job/work knowing that,

9. when you close one door, the others are opening right beside you (trust me this is so true, been there done that), and

10. to have the courage and always to listen to your own self.

I hope these micro-reflections can inspire you for your own profession and life.

Thank you for reading and following this blog all through the years, stay tuned for new and exciting stories 🙂


  1. Harry says:

    Congrats. 10 years communicating is a long period. And still working in on it. Go on.

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