Brass in a Pocket

Some attention, a bit of (social) readings:

For those who use it, Netvibes introduced a brand new iPhone. You can now access your page from any mobile phone.

Also via, web-based chat application Meebo has rolled out an iPhone app which finally brings multi-protocol chat to the Apple device (didn’t see any iPhone in Belgrade -yet!).

Find out about the changes of Facebook Platform8 and what are good and what bad applications?

Twitter, via, is launching new stuff left and right (huh, what is left and what is right?) , adding search and Gmail import feature, as well as Twitter blocks -who is following who (or “I was lookin’ back to see if you were lookin’ back at me
to see me lookin’ back at you”).

And when we talk about social networks, is social networking only for the idle?

Idle or not, my Jaiku (never too late) username is Danica.

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