3l0gday 2007

I wrote earlier on today’s third Blog Day 2007, and now is time to show some blog love.This would be very hard as beside my blogroll, I have many blog feeds in my RSS reader(s) that I follow and read here and there, some of them regularly. Since the list is really big, these are my five blogs that I read:

Unit Structures – Fred Stutzman’s blog about information, social networks, identity and technology. Pity I didn’t meet him at SILS, interesting thoughts and readings.

Disambiguity – another science blog: Leisa Reichelt’s blog about communication issues, contextual research, user centred design, Information architecture, interaction design.

Libraryman-Michael Porter’s blog about libraries, community and IT in very interesting and user friendly, spirited way of presenting some issues.

Davor’s Technology Blog – Davor Prcovich blog specialized in all issues about Macs, he also writes various blogs on using new technology. Useful and interesting info, plus audio blog. The only person in Balkan area that I know that has Nabaztag.

Republika Rafska Serbie Serbia – Raphael’s blog, though it’s on my official blogroll list, this young French film maker and producer is very passionate about Serbia and Serbian people, and through photographs and stories he depicts some of the stories inside of Serbia, in very unique way.

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