Belgrade Design Week 2007

This year, second time around, Design week in Belgrade is happening, from May 7-12 . Along with the main programme of the second Belgrade Design Week, a number of satellite events

will take place in some 50 locations around the city, following the example of similar design festivals around the world. Exhibitions, workshops, magazine promotions, book launches, gallery openings, cocktails, cruises, and parties will all increase the adrenalin of a city whose social scene soars at this time of year.

There is a conference under tags: ‘innovation’ , “revolution’, ‘evolution’, with the most interesting guests -experts in architecture, design, and the futurology. Future -the best of the best, presents one of my favourite architects and designers -not the for the first time in Belgrade, Mr Rem Koolhas, OMA/AMO.


  1. […] Among many installations and projects at Belgrade Design Week , during 8, 9, 10th of May, it was presented at the O3one gallery and Dom Omladine, project SKI […]

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