Science blogging in China

As we wondered about Chinese or Arabic science blogs few days ago, I popped up (I hope not too late), to one great Chinese science blog: author Yan Feng, an applied physicist, who works on lasers, and Photonics.  He seted up search engine called GoogLaser that is working with Google custom search, and also made a  setup Science Blogs Search engine. Dedicated scientist, interesting posts, rich blog in sci/edu blogosphere.


  1. Yan says:

    Danica, thank you for mentioning my blog and search engines. 🙂

    I run a Chinese Science community site (, so I know there are many Chinese Science blogs actually, maybe of similar percentation as in US.

    As pointed out by Coturnix, language is the reason why they are not well known outside.

  2. danicar says:

    You are welcome Yan! : ) By chance/ browsing/ I, I found for your science blog and I hope Coturnix – Bora will be pleased to see one of the chinese members of science blogging in blogoshpere. He runs A blog around the clock in US, and I am in Europe, Serbia.
    HYperlinking, information and collaboration overcomes all barriers (even language).

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