Warning: don’t catch up at Quechup!

If you receive the invite from friends or anyone to join social networking site Quechup, don’t do it! Disregard that Quechup email and don’t visit the website. Last night I was caught up by invitation of reputable friend, didn’t know for this spam, and this morning I got alert email about this. I tried now to log into the site and delete my account – but I failed. Such a fraud. I don’t know how to delete my account as I am afraid that my address book will be spammed by this Quechup site!

Boing Boing wrote about it few hours ago:

“The blogs are calling it ‘the Q problem’ and a ‘trust virus.’ Bad juju, in general, not to mention they are one of those sites that sends you your selected username and password in the clear.” By the time you read this, there will probably be some news articles out about how evil they are. Until then, watch out.

What you can do is what Howard Rheingold suggested: to send a message to both legals@quechup.com and spam@quechup.com insisting that they sease and desist all spamming activity from their site immediately.

I  apologize to all my friends and non-friends from my address book that they might receive (without my control and notice) invite from me to join this site – don’t do it, just disregard that Quechup email!

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