Premier International team invest in Dopplr

For those who are not familiar with Dopplr (I wrote in some earlier posts), is social networking site for frequent travellers. This online social-travel service lets you keep track of your trusted friends and colleagues and lets you share your future travel plans with them. You can find out where they will be and when, it is perfect for people who spend a lot of time on the road. To have your Dopplr account you need invitation by someone who is already there. Once invited by an existing member you will be able to invite others to join Dopplr and share your travels. Dopplr is based in Helsinki, Finland. Today’s news from Dopplr blog say that this service has secured early-stage financing from an international group of experienced Internet investors.

This international team—frequent travellers who themselves use Dopplr—has separately made previous investments in many successful Internet companies, including, Joost, FON, LinkedIn, Flickr, Technorati, Wikia, Xing, Stardoll, Six Apart and Netvibes.

“We’re gratified that so many world travellers have already found value in Dopplr,” said Lisa Sounio, CEO of Dopplr. “Having this international group of active Dopplr users now joining us as strategic investors is tremendously exciting. Martin, Saul, Joichi and Reid have a great sense of business, technology, design and travel.”

You can find me at Dopplr as Danica.



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