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Until the next issue of PC press mag. is about to be released: an article on microblogging and Twitter  (for dummies, advanced users, researchers), today I just popped to the one from the many (of many) texts on Twitter – this time as a tool in business communication. Via Social Media Today,  Jeff Tippett explains what Twitter means to him in everyday biz. I would add here that beside mentioned two facets of microblogging , creating the (social) network and reading/sending messages (tweets), important factors are users’ interaction and sharing the information. Also, I see Twitter in business communication as SN tool for e- advertising, promoting self, idea(ology), product, info on the Internet (political purpose, education, sports, media, and biz institutions), as well as micro-blogging in real time from important political or economic spotlights. I am wondering will the events from previous week (several elections at the same time, different geo-spots, as well as the sports events) now Super Monday, Tuesday to Super-Friday, will occupy Twitterversum and outlive good old blogging form? Do you rather blog or twit?


  1. jefftippett says:

    Thanks for picking up the post…and for your additional comments. To answer your question, I like to blog and to Twit. I love Twitting transient thoughts and emerging ideas and watch for feedback. I like to blog when I have an idea that I want to fully develop. And (yeah, another site) I’m thinking about using Tumblr for all those in between ideas. Thanks, again!

    Jeff Tippett

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