Exlusive interview on V-Twitterizing, Para-twittering and beyond!

I am in the airplane and got stuck, still on the land, as the captain announces that ‘we have some software problem’. Passengers got a bit upset and some geek made a comment: “Yeah, they’re probably using OS $MS”. I laugh and start to tweet sending text message via mobile phone on this situation in the plane, from my seat. Got instant feedback tweets and DM (direct messages) from my Twitter friends (followers) who got worried :”Oh, are you ok? Are you safe? What’s going on with the software? Pls let us know when you land..” etc. One of the primer of micro-blogging phenomena, Twitter,  is useful communication tool, that enables you to have interaction with your friends and share the information in the form of short 140 chars. updates,  in a word:  ‘on the run’, “always with you” social networking service. I’ve already talked/wrote about it before, and with hidden guilty become twittaddict (Twitterers will understand this passion) placing behind regular blog posts.  Twitterizing and twittaddict are (my) new lingo terms I invented as being the part of everyday twittering.One of the example how Twitter can be great/useful tool when you’re on the road, travelling, and beyond, is my Twitter friend – RoadHacker, IT specialist, massive twitterer who I met and noticed that he was ‘life casting’ from all over the USA doing his IT work and micro-blogging by creating and using video: v-tweets.  I got inspired by recent research (to be published) on Twitter, and got an idea to create para-twittering e-view, so I’ve asked him few interesting questions on Twitter in Twitter timeline and here’s the outcome.  Listen, watch and Enjoy!   [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qfnpzeKoLuA] 

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