1. I’d love to see that translated. I wish my srbski-hrvatski was up to the task!

  2. Alex Hughart says:

    Hi, I read your article on b92. While I don’t play SL so, I can’t comment on it’s gaming appeal, I completely agree with you on waisting Serbian government money on SL. As a marketing strategy it simply doesn’t make sense: the Ministry of Diaspora (a useless agency on its own – like the Ministry of Silly Walk!) is advertising Serbia to the expats (like they know nothing about Serbia?!).
    I do my own share of promoting Serbia in the U.S., on my own dime, but it’s been like pulling teeth for two years. If you are interested, check out my blog at with Pannonia Linens case study and our first products on
    Anybody willing to participate in this project (anyway you can, to offer a moral support if nothing else) contact me!

  3. Danica says:

    @Brian: Unless you didn’t start to learn Serbian, I’ll translate in English these days:) thanks for the comment.
    @ Alex: Thank you for sharing the same opinion and crithique on SL and some of misfits of many Ministries in Serbia. I guess every country has similar issues.
    Thansk for URl’s of projects -more than interesting and to think about. Would like to hear more, you;re in my reader.

    Alex, one question: how did you read article in Serbian?:)

  4. Alex Hughart says:

    Oh, I’m a Serb! Hughart is my married name and Alex is my nickname, stemming from Aleksic. It’s much easier than having to explain and spell my name every time. Plus, Americans, being so polite, are so focused on remembering your hard-to-pronounce name, they often miss what you are saying!

  5. Danica says:

    🙂 I saw, on About you page!
    Ah, I know Americans, they kept calling me DaniKa or Danitza:)

    Great what you do, will join in later, more focused. Have your rss now. Thanks for commenting and sharing your opinion!

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