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  2. Eduardo says:

    Sorry for no post chronologically, i have not see this post

    However, some points catched my attention:

    „We spend more time ‘networking’ and ‘talking’, ‘getting together’, and the fact is we spend less time – getting together, networking and talking, while expanding definition of a * freind* to imply people we rarely meet (from off line world) or we may never meet (from online world)“

    „“people [are] projecting their identities by demonstrating their relationships to each other. You define yourself in terms of who your friends are.”

    What will be the difference between the FB and a blog? just the structure? it’s the same, in all the communication’s ways as flirck, wordpress, fotolog, FB and others, all are the same, just a human desire that others see our stuff, our expression, in ours blogs we also creates a digital image of us as FB (the difference is that there is a more complex issue) I just see the FB friends as our blogroll, the wall as our recents comments,

    so .. ¿what’s the point?

  3. Danica says:

    Thanks for the comment.
    As argued above, online friending in social networking sites are much stronger than on personal blogs. An average blogger cannot see or know who are hers/his ‘friends’ – these terms as you asked (if we do not count bare statistics behind the ‘garden wall’). Blogs can be, as said, certain type of SN site where interaction and information flows, but limited with certain issues.

  4. Eduardo says:

    sorry, i don’t understand
    „if we do not count bare statistics behind the ‘garden wall“

    i’m not a english speaker so there’re some terms or expression i can’t understand.

  5. eric says:

    Online friending is very good. By this way we get chance to know about other people and we can increase our friend group.
    Wide Circles

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