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Two days ago I was giving a talk at the International Scientific Conference, University of Belgrade (25-27th Sept). I have uploaded slides of that talk, for anyone who are interested in OA, e-resources, the usage of social media and software in education. Also, I created temporary wiki page that I need to sort out, until writings section of this blog comes to its place. There is video to be published and some of the photos on Flickr.

In general Serbian scientific community is not ready to embrace social software and Web 2.0 yet, and I was surprised that some of the speakers – e.g., Ron Davies from European Digital Library project was talking about very out-dated issues like semantic web  in ‘new’ EDL projects [seen/heard that back in 2002], but then there are numbers, million of numbers that are promising that project will be finished in 2, 3 years. Locally, there is high level of idleness, inconsistency and net/notworking. No surprises.


  1. maximo says:

    Congrats Danica! Looks like a great presentation!! I checked out the slides and I liked the flow. Good job!


  2. Danica says:

    thank you, real talk was about 25 min plus Q&A. slides are images to keep me and the audience on the flow of the talk.

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