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In the past few days, since I removed my blog on this address, many of you have sent emails, messages asking about certain site sections, plug-in’s, etc. I know that some people are not that tech savvy,  but in my personal opinion blog is very clear, clean and  simple to navigate. Anyway, here’s short navigation tour through site: links under the header are pages that you can jump from-to anytime, home button is above in the left corner, brings you back to blog.

./seredipity page leads you to another (external) links, including my old Belgrade and Beyond blog, my tumblr, short story on virtual Id/Entity – wiki page that I need to sort out, contact etc.

.about page i’ll try to up-to date as often as I can, .networking brings you the list of social web services and sns/sites where you can connect and interact, but I’ m mostly seen at Twitter, DeliciousFlickr and

.projects/activities as well as .writings (material is scattered all over the web, sites and wiki pages, soon to make it neat) should give you the scope of what i’m doing, current /past projects, participatory activities, other presence and contributions, where i’m going, talking, lecturing, etc.

.photos is an interesting part as photography is one of my hobbies, and i’m taking part for over a 7 months in Flickr’s 365 days project (which denotes to post each day a photo, not any but of self – a part, portrait, piece, whatever). It ain’t no easy but it is good for practicing discipline, overcoming some photo insecurities and practicing. I’m inviting those of you with Flickr accounts to join me in this project and buzz me there.

Many folks asked me about .lifestream page and plug-in i’ve implemented in site. It’s great interactive live stream of activities on all web sites I’ve got feeds where you can follow/read my bits&bytes. Personal version of FriendFeed.  Useful micro -information. Credits you can find at the end of this page.

.links page is created for staying in touch with colleagues, friends, there are some affiliates, institutions. The list is random and is updating on daily basis, so if I miss someone, please remind me or send me an email. I don’t mind love links if you share same/similar interests with me.

And the most important central part is blog.You are more than welcome to comment, participate, suggest, write some reflections and thoughts on posts I’m writing. You can use direct comment form below each post (which is preferable), and for specific matters you can always contact me. Not to forget that if you didn’t grab my feed – it’s tiny rss box on the sidebar, as well as my fav. email form where you can receive updates via email.

Share and enjoy!

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