Camp “Christmas with Orphans” in Uganda

image credit: ICAF
image credit: ICAF

My personal choices and professional interests are always focused on serving and helping others, especially vulnerable groups in our society. Now, I am happy to share with you the information about a Winter camp in Uganda being organised by the International Child Art Foundation (ICAF), which is called “Christmas with Orphans”.

Following the 5th World Children’s Festival, which occurred earlier this summer at The Ellipse next to The White House in Washington D.C. and building on the success of the ICAF Summer Camp in Washington DC, the ICAF “Christmas with Orphans” Camp will take place in Uganda and will run from December 20th through Dec 30th and is being presented in collaboration with the Uganda National Museum and the Ministry of Education.

The camp provides a global educational opportunity for high school juniors, enabling them to gain an incredible, hands-on international service experience which will enhance their prospects of gaining admission to top universities and help them decide on the right career.

Register today, because no more than 20 campers will be admitted.  Please share this information as well, as other parents you know may be interested.



  1. Christmas is day with lot of happiness. The day become happiest, when we spent it with orphans. Because Orphans don’t have parents. I personally believe when we spent time with them their sorrow must be reduced. And a camp providing global educational opportunity is a great effort. I like your initiatives. Anyway, thanks for your this post

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