World poetry day

On todays World Poetry Day, UNESCO pays tribute to great poet, Pablo Neruda.I will pay tribute to my favourite Serbian writer – Milos Crnjanski and Sumatra.


Sad smo bezbrižni, laki i nežni.
Pomislimo: kako su tihi, snežni
vrhovi Urala.

Rastuži li nas kakav bledi lik,
što ga izgubismo jedno veèe,
znamo da, negde, neki potok,
mesto njega, rumeno teèe!

Po jedna ljubav, jutro, u tuðini,
dušu nam uvija, sve tešnje,
beskrajnim mirom plavih mora,
iz kojih crvene zrna korala,
kao, iz zavièaja, trešnje.

Probudimo se noæu i smešimo, drago,
na Mesec sa zapetim lukom.
I milujemo daleka brda
i ledene gore, blago, rukom.




Now we are carefree, light and tender.
We just think: how quiet are the snowy
peaks of the Urals.
If a pale figure makes us sad,
the one we lost to an evening,
we also know that somewhere, instead of it a rivulet
flows and is all red.
Each love, each morning in a foreign land
envelops our soul closer by its hand
in an endless tranquility of blue seas,
in which red corals glitter
like the cherries of my homeland.
We wake at night and sweetly smile
at the Moon with its bent bow
and we caress those distant hills
and the icy mountains with our tender hand.

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