why Palin is the most searched word?

Three weeks ago, when I was about to move my blog from old address to this – new one I’ve noticed that people in blogosphere have gone crazy about the post I’ve written two years ago about Michael Palin’s visit to Belgrade.  In the meantime I figured out that peeps across the pond got a bit excited not only by upcoming elections, but because of controversial and hideous appearance of Sarah Palin character. It hard to explain to decent European what’s going on there, especially if one is not into world news services.

Recently, I found out that one of my readers jokingly grabbed Palins photo and gave lol-cat treatment regarding the above political story. To be clear here, I deeply respect and love Michael Palin’s work since I was a kid and watched every episode of Monty Python’s Flying Circus.

Then, the title of this photo [The Vagina Vote], got me today into wonderful serendipity and to laugh-out-loud article “Drill, drill, drill” written by Eve Ensler {playwrightfeminist and activist, best known for her play The Vagina Monologues}, starting that she is having S.Palin’s nightmares… I wonder how world would be more peaceful and friendly place if Michael Palin was a candidate.


  1. rodrigo knox says:

    Unfortunatly its Sarah and not Michael…
    about Eve Ensler, i dont know if everything she wrote about Sarah Palin is true, but she was almost quite convincing.
    Strasno Sarah, strasno world

  2. violina12 says:

    Nažalost Danice ja ne razumem engleski ali pošto sam mačkarka
    ova slika me je potsetila na neke moje doživljaje i oraspoložila.Milica

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