Vampire from Serbia at Facebook

I should spent more time in the green instead of using electronics (as I promised), but this is reaction-inspiration to Paul’s post. It all began with Zombie at Facebook that someone (was awhile ago and my memory is shorter as my hair grows longer) infected me. Naturally, I invited other folks at Facebook (movie/book or superwall app. with it) and soon my Zombie became Bishop (or whatever was his name). I didn’t like it frankly, as with Zombie app. there was another one much more appealing-Vampire. I first turned Paul to Vampire, but since other people in my network didn’t feel like being bitten, I infected only 2 chumps and left this app. But then, someone has bitten me again, and I turned again to Vampire/Vampiresse and this time was much better as I turned people to ‘Catolic school Vampire”. You can control the whole application and trick the creator of it! Magic or not, I gained my points and got to Vampire Level while Paul incredibly turned his to Vampire Jedi (I guess he would become Vampire Yoda if he didn’t quit the game as he was really successful in this). It was interesting that a friend, while I enthusiastically talked about how is time for me to turn to the next level of “being Vampiresse” and that he should accept my request to bite him, was confused about this game and he thought actually how hot it is to be bitten by Vampire (remember Coppola’s film Bram Stoker’s Dracula?).

Vampires in mythology comes from Eastern Europe, from Slavic countries with various vampire legends. Vampires are mostly known and refereed to Transylvania and Romania. Vampire typology says:

Most notably, a vampire was believed to pass through several distinct stages in its development. The first 40 days were considered decisive for the making of a vampire. It started out as an invisible shadow and then gradually gained strength from the blood it had sucked, forming a (typically also invisible) jelly-like, boneless mass, and eventually building up a human-like body nearly identical to the one the person had had in life. This development allowed the creature to ultimately leave its grave permanently and begin a new life as an ordinary human. The vampire (who was usually male) was also sexually active and could have children, either from his widow or from a new wife. These could become vampires themselves, but could also have a special ability to see and kill vampires, allowing them to become vampire hunters. The same talent was believed to be found in persons born on Saturday

More on Vampires here. I’ll think about keeping my Vampire’s Bride status, if my army stays and grows in the future.

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