Tweet-up in Belgrade

This Monday, a small group of Twitter enthusiasts got together in the very downtown of Belgrade to meet, interact, chat (longer than 140 characters), and have fun.  Actually, last week I’ve asked on Twitter if anyone is interested to meet up, and then set up the date and time. I’ve managed a reservation near the Politika building, and people started to gather.  Few of us appeared since it was some national holiday and many people were off town, but it was definitely nice to meet some of the new Twitterers and talk about social media, issues on Web, micro-blogging and life. All of us are in the information technologies, either programming, marketing, blogging, journalism, online media and it was easy and interesting to communicate on some things from different points of view. Check out some of the photos of this cool Serbian Twitter crew.


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  2. Hi,
    Ive linked this post to some silly blog at b92 about Twitter. Hope you dont mind 😉
    How come Twitter is STILL a mystery?

    Luv ya! Take care in Rome!


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