Top ten search engine terms – the best of

These are the top ten “the most interesting” search engine terms people used to browse, search or find in this blog via, for the month of February:

Fest 2007 Belgrade, da li si kadar za fest – > International Film Festival, Belgrade

– snow in serbia -> there was certianly no any snow this year, in Belgrade though

– why geeks wear glasses -> I do not know, I know some of them who doesn’t wear, you say why?

– “belle de jour” plant – > Not yet invented, not that I know. Sorry, no posts matched your criteria.

– vlatko stefanovski photos – > Google them!

– serbia cnn music cnn -> akka Serbia Moments to remember? Hardly.

– “Europe without of Europe” 2007 -> Interesting, would like to read the comment on this

-“svetislav basara” download free -> Sorry, no posts matched your criteria. Uhm, ask the author for copyrights

– RHCP in Belgrade -> sorry guys, organizers decided to be in Indjija

– Beside you searched for me, D.R, I found very often interesting one-> Danica Monastery – none under such name that is familiar to me. Sorry, no posts matched your criteria (:

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