This ISP rocks (open sesame) !

How it feels for a decent girl to be without Serbian version of T1 for more than a 5 days, in the middle of the work? Several options to consider (dial-up included): 1. text messaging also known as smsing (lot of, lot of sms’s); 2. to search for wireless connection (akka nowhere around); 3. communication via phone and negotiations; 4. in lazy hours, the following: taking ridiculous photographs, looking <again> for the Italian worm in broccoli, walking through the city in my comfortable black boots, brainstorming with Linux colleague. And then, after many days of calling and requesting, after many support technicians efforts, came along a guy-wizard called Dimitrije from my providers’ support, fixed all issues, despite Telekoms’ digging the holes in my street, and the fact that in front of my building some of the Serbian film directors are making a film (with all crew, lights, scenery etc). Anyway, good to be again on the the e-highway, thanks to sezampro.


  1. Dimitrije says:

    🙂 Hvala na lepim rečima.


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