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CfP Updates: Extended deadline 25th January & other info #Microposts2016

The 6th Making Sense of Microposts Workshop (#Microposts2016) at WWW 2016, 11/12th Apr 2016
Main Track submission deadline:  ***25 Jan 2016***
Social Sciences Track submission deadline: ***25 Jan 2016***
Award: £500 sponsored by the MK:Smart project (http://www.mksmart.org)
Award: €300 sponsored by GESIS, Germany ( http://www.gesis.org )
Award sponsored by FREME ( http://www.freme-project.eu )
THEME: Big things come in small packages
Microposts – “information published on the Web that is small in size and requires minimal effort to publish” – remain a popular means for communicating information. Microposts include tweets (using plain text or with embedded links and objects); social network endorsement using Instagram hearts; check-ins via Facebook and Foursquare, pins on Pinterest; links to brief, pre-recorded and streaming video via Snapchat and Meerkat. Microblogging apps for the ubiquitous smartphone and other small, personal devices, which support capturing photos and short videos, allow these to accompany text or serve in themselves as the Micropost. Services such as those provided by WhatsApp, Viber, Snapchat, LINE and Saya, piggybacking on SMS/MMS and augmented with social media features, are also growing in popularity, especially in emerging markets where the Internet is often accessible mainly via mobile networks. Such services typically sync with desktop or web front-ends, allowing seamless switching between devices. Microposts are also used as a portal to other services, alerting users to, e.g., live video streams on Periscope and Meerkat.

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