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Danica.Rad SnapchatLast week I was in Slovenia for BledCom symposium. Here you can check out #BledCom conversation and live stream tweets from the event. I was presenting a paper in progress on the behalf of two other colleagues of mine, and I won’t talk about this right now because it is a research in progress.

At the symposium, I met a wonderful group of PR and internet professionals from all over the world. One of them was a professor at Stockton University in New Jersey (USA), Ai Zhang, who uses Snapchat successfully in the classroom to coach and engage with her students. Ai introduced me to Snapchat secrets, filters, tips & tricks, so I started actively to use it for a week now, and I love it so much!

For those not familiar, in a nutshell: Snapchat is a mobile friendly app for quickly interaction via photo, video and caption. “Snaps” are the messages sent within the application. Snapchat has a “self-destructing” feature where the photo or video is instantly deleted seconds after it’s opened by the recipient. Also, there are Stories feature where users can create an ongoing compilation of ‘snaps’ from the last 24 hours for everyone to see. They can be viewed over and over again throughout the 24 hours.

I live-streamed some presentations from BledCom conference, my trip to Bled, Slovenia (and around), and post-conference frolics, and everyday life snaps. I mostly post snaps in English so the majority of people and friends can understand what I’m writing and talking about. If you’re also into Snapchat, feel free to add/follow me: Danica.Rad 

Here are some readings on Snapchat in academia and professional life: a recent one from TimesHigherEducation, how to use SnapChat in HigherEdu, some of the university examples and SnapChat directory.

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