1. Now that you have a few more months to do the begging around (than you did last year), do you thnk you can make it in 2008?

  2. danicar says:

    Definately, I would really like to appear next year. This years information on 2008 came just in time. I suppose, if not Serbian Ministries could help -as the Government is NOT formed (still!), there are other organizations that can, at least provide travel from here to NC and back. Furthermore, I will invite the director of the greatest eConsortia of e-resources here, a woman who is for long in IT and science area, to join me, if interested, and interact and meet inspirative science people. Maybe that could change perception of importance for science blogs existance and could be a milestone for further activities in Serbia.
    I would like to re-visit my former colleagues and professors, mentors -some of them already participated in 2007. I guess there is still time for registration. Btw, I miss Ch. Hill and RTA ( :

  3. We are opening registration on September 1st so you have plenty of time. But in the meantime, getting some idea from personal communication who is coming and who not is quite useful to us in planning.

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