reflections on ScienceOnline09

Hello from the other side of the pond! I am overwhelmed with positive energy. Finally found a bit of time to blog as the previous days and weeks were hectic, super adventurous and busy. Conference/unconference ScienceOnline09 is finished and my thoughts and feelings are extremely positive, warm and fuzzy at the moment as I’m trying to get together the highlights. First, wonderful organization of Bora and Anton, great number of super smart, creative, wonderful, inspiring people at one spot (research triangle park, Sigma Xi), variety of sessions, amazing brainstorms, interactions, serendipities, shiny happy people, what can I say? Make it happen next year to last a day longer! Beside my session on the open access, the issue of notworking vs networking in the networked world as well as on information society in Serbia and countries in transition I’ve been giving, here are some sessions that draw my attention: Open access publishing, Semantic web publishing session moderated by John Wilbanks from Science Commons, Web and history of science, Open notebook science, very interesting one on Reputation, authority and incentives / or how to get rid of Impact factor. Of course, there were many others interesting events going parallel in four rooms, so I was jumping for the rest of the conference from one to another – not to miss anything. The best part, beside interactive discussions and brainstorms were unconference discussions and brainstorms in the hall of Sigma xi and the lobby of the hotel – I’ve met again with old friends and colleagues, twitterati and also new wonderful, super smart, innovative, creative people that I’ve not only exchange information and ideas with, but made some plans in the future.

If you were present at the conference, upload your photos on Flickr pool and fill out feedback about ScienceOnline09. For others: check out blog and media coverage, follow livestream on Friendfeed.

As i believe that good things come in two, three, four … and infinite, I was in the meantime invited to legendary South by Southwest (SXSW) festival in March this year for the Interactive section (w00t!).

Don’t forget that the 2009 keyword is change! As so it is.


  1. Irradiatus says:

    It was great to meet you Danica – and to drive around with you and hang out in the Food Lion yogurt section. Looking forward to being a follower of yours from here on.


  2. Danica says:

    Likewise Irradiatus! I had great time hanging around super creative and smart people and i’ve enjoyed your company. Not to forget the ocean shanting and my squid hat:)

  3. AlexL says:

    I had a great time meeting you Danica. You should come back to California sometime, there’s still a lot to see here (the rest of the United States, truthfully).

    Have a safe flight home.

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