Red Hot Chilli Peppers in Indjija

Yes, you’ve read correctly: not India, but Indjija. Officialy and according to LastFM and other media, californian band Red Hot Chilli Peppers , are going to play on 26th of June, in southeastern Europe for the very first time. The concert will not be in Belgrade, Serbia (as it was expected) but in the place between Belgrade and Novi Sad, close to the small town of Indjija, 40 km north-western from Belgrade. From Mondo media, the quote:

The greatest American rock band at the moment, Red Hot Chili Peppers are finally coming to Serbia! According to Belgrade media, the Peppers will play near Inđija on 26th June.

The concert will be held on an open field, close to the [Belgrade-Budapest] highroad, so the expected amount of people, 50-60 000 could have enough place. As MONDO found out, on the location in the industrial zone of Inđija, fake grass will be set up on the field, to avoid any mud.

It is known that Anthony Kiedis, Flea, John Frusciante and Chad Smith like to play in unusual places they have not visited before, and since it’s been rumoured that their honorar for the show in Serbia would be 1 500 000 Euros, playing at the highway near Inđija won’t hurt them.



  1. Eva says:

    I do not fully understand why they are playing on the highway next to an unknown place in serbia im a italian citizen living in belgrade and i am an extremely huge fan of rhcp,but everyone is in Bg why wud they want to go to some unknown city makes no sense,i will be travling to ilijda to see the concert but it would be much more pleasent if it was in Belgrade.

  2. danicar says:

    This question is to ask organizers for this concert. RCHP are going to do their part of job and get paid, who asks the public? (:

  3. swabo says:

    I now from the trusted source that RHCP want to play on some unusual place.. I am a Serbian from Novi Sad.. And Indjia is a very good place to organise festival.. pozzz

  4. danicar says:

    Did uou mean close to Indjija, @ open field, close to the Belgrade-Budapest highway? Hm, interesting, I am wondering about the ‘trusted’ source and RHCP’s concert pickiness.

  5. jelena says:

    Im from Belgrade and I live and work in Indjija. Belive it or not…there are other extra cool places in Serbia besides Belgrade. Why dose it matter anyway where they are playing, what matters is that they are coming to Serbia.

  6. saka says:

    Can’t wait to hear them….it simply doesn’t matter where the concert is going to be but the fact that they finally decided to come is enough for me to put a smile on mu face…i just hope that the Earth (including me) is going to be fine till that time….and that no meteor is going to harm us…… see ya then in June

  7. Maja says:

    It is amazing that they’re coming in south Europe.I hope you’ll accept some visitors from other countries eg.Bosnia.See ya there

  8. Bogdan says:

    Does anyone know how cand wqe buy tickets, and when do they start selling them?

  9. Wald says:

    Indjija is simple very good place for perfect concert, it is one of the most successful cities of Southeastern Europe, and RHCP’s is for shure one of the best …

  10. […] etc), plus I am not that into Mick Jagger and the gang, nowadays. Respect to them, but again I prefer to enjoy in RHCP. On 9th July, I will be here, getting bored I guess, mingling with crowds of people at this beach, […]

  11. Man says:

    Indjija is worst place in the whole planet!
    And it is a real shame that contert was organised there !!!!
    I will newer again go to that place!!!!

  12. jana says:

    can’t believe they played for just an hour…so they left 100.000 people expecting more…..they didn’t have any contact with audiance.i eas really disappointed…
    depeche mode concerts are the best in the world!!!

  13. B.J. says:

    RHCP …my Good I well remember the time they start to play and become famous… Anthony look so great back then…:(
    And I live to see them in my neighborhood…but it was not worth at all…
    O.k. maybe we are from small countries …:( BUT I THINK WE DESERVE MORE THEN THEY GIVE TO US… 🙁
    My friends and I came on 5 p.m. and we were so eager to see and hear RHCP a live.
    I can understand that they were late (after all they are stars) but to live us after one hour of playing and above all not to have any contact with audience. I felt like I was behind the glass in some well-equipped music studio- PERFECT MUSIC, GREAT VOICE, but I felt so isolated ….:( Moreover, seams to me that Anthony left his moves at home …. 🙁
    People came from all over the region and they left Indjija disappointed. I hope that at least guys from RHCP had some benefit from this concert.

  14. danicar says:

    RHCP are the best and did their job professionally, as this concert was within the Festival with other groups. And they had their gig within time-frame.
    But for the organization in Indjija I heard lot of negative comments and complaints – I guess they didn’t had in mind that there will be people coming from all over, ex-yu and other countries. People who commented on the event prior to the concert got very wrong (impression). I knew it will be hell of the crowd and not well organized. Belgrade could be the better solution. Or if RHCP, as someone said above, like to play at unusual places, why not some field near Kosovo or in the center of Serbia? There are lot of places…now it’s over.
    Some of the comments at

  15. stevan says:

    RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS IS THE BEST. antoney is the king

  16. dani girl says:

    yes……….is great……… I love RHCP.!!!!!!!

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