Is My Space poor excuse for a social life?

Today I came across an interesting video, showing an irritated kid who was mocked and attacked by his older teen brother and his friends while socializing in his own private online space. The video was recorded by his brother with the intent of being “a documentary of how people can be obsessed by My Space.” In the video, the older teens are provoking the child into hysterical behavior and crying as he tries to defend his personal “my space”. They intentionally laugh at him and ask provoking questions, which makes the child hysterical. Teenage cruelty was expressed by classical passive-aggressive behavior with the goal of making this kid feel guilt, using strong accusations that his “obsession” with My Space is “killing us and our family”. The irritated kid was defending his private physical and virtual space, especially since for him My Space is a part of his everyday life (his friends to hang out with- social life).

Kids, and teens, are more often moving to the online playground during the early phases of their socialization and, using that medium, they build relationships and stay connected to their friends. Almost everyday the media talks about potential predators and bullying on My Space, but now I wonder if the real bullying (sometimes) comes from the family or the ‘closest’ ones (in the real world) , in some particular cases because they were not understood by adult culture.

Is My Space a poor excuse for a social life?



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