credits: Frank Kresin

  • 8-11 July 2010. Wikimania conference, Gdansk, Poland. Program Chair.
  • 26 June, 2010., talk at the interdisciplinary conference on ‘Problems of Adolescence’, Magdalen College, University of Oxford. Title: ‘Adolescents and the Web: the attractions of Facebook’. Paper/slides to be published.
  • 24-26 June 2010. TransferSummit/UK conference, Keble college, University of Oxford
  • 2/3/2010 Danica’s DPhil presentation (talk+Q&A/discussion) at OII Seminar Series.
  • 2009/2010, PhD scholar of Oxford Internet Institute, University of Oxford
  • 2010, Science Online10, Research Triangle Park, USA, 15-18 Jan., Lecturer of Social Media for scientists workshop
  • 2009, March 1st,  IMS specialist at UN (KCEW). International UN-EU projects related to technology, information, science, education. Metadata standards, semantic web, AP’s, etc.
  • 2009, March – hopefully to get on Interactive panel at the South by Southwest festival (SXSW). Need to confirm
  • 2009,  February – schedule for giving lectures at the School of Web journalism. Course modul: Social networks. Marketing, Net advertising, PR, brands. We have broaden social networks from last year to the level of marketing awareness.
  • 2009. 16-19. January, ScienceOnline09 – science blogging conference, Sigma Xi Center in Research Triangle Park, NC, USA.  Giving session about Open Access in the networked world: expereine of developing and tranistion countries
  • 2008. 4-5. Oct., BlogOpen – South East Blog Festival. Talk on social media e-literacy, web journalism
  • 2008. BLINK, Festival of digital communications. Virtual-me – upcoming
  • 2008. Open access, e-resources, and digital literacy in Web 2.0 networked world., International conference, Electronic libraries, University of Belgrade, 25-27 Sept. (upcoming)
  • 2008. spring/summer semester, School of Web journalism (School of New Media, Raising Voices). Lecturer and instructor for two courses: Web 2.0 intro and SNS (social networking sites).
  • 2007 Pedagogical Faultlines, Amsterdam. International conference and session: New sources of knowledge: from blogs to wikis to social networks. Social knowledge and professional practice.
  • 2007, 2008 Columnist, IT analyst, writer at several web portals, magazines, IT communications sections (Global Voices Online, OpenSDE,, technopolis, etc.). Working as web consultant, strategist and trainer.
  • 2006 KoBSON, Ministry of Science and Technology, Serbia.   Web consultant, creator and information tech management of the first Serbian science blog – Kobson
  • 2005-present. E-LIS, open access database of publications in LIS and IT area. Editor for Serbia. Author.
  • 2004 University of California, San Diego, Geisel, Science&Engineering dept. web evaluation and development of e-journals, online databases.
  • 2003-2004 Library of Congress, European division. Web consultant and Information management coordinator at project Portals to the World
  • 2003-present. blog Belgrade and Beyond, creator and author. Blog has changed three platforms [Blogger, Wired, WordPress]
  • 2001-2003 ArtArea (co.yu) first electronic magazine on contemporary architecture, art and culture. Director, editor in chief. Archives of e-zine is available on DVD upon request.
  • 2000-2003 University of Belgrade. Coordinator of academic online databases (Ebsco, Science Direct, JSTor, etc.). Trainer and instructor.
  • 1999-2003 ArchiWeb mailing list (Univeristy of Belgrade). Creator, curator and manager.

Participatory/blog/other presence and contributions:

  • Global voices
  • Institute for distributed creativity
  • PC Press magazine
  • Wikimedia Serbia
  • Elis database
  • openSde


  1. Valentin says:


    Quite impressive experience you have! and interesting blog for sure.

    Hope to hear from you soon,

    Valentin / Novoseek

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