1. pirano says:

    A big pain. Still somewhat limited here in Slovenia. So much for EU and Eurozone entry…

  2. danicar says:

    Yes, but Slovenia is in the directory of countries that can use PayPal services. Didn’t have a problem with using all the services while i used to live in US, but now…
    How do you handle situation?

  3. pirano says:

    I have a US-based account, so use it with a bank account there. Only noticed today that there are some limited services here in SLO; will have to check it out. Thanks for the heads-up!

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  6. NetSvet says:

    MoneyBookers pre PayPal-a u Srbiji…

    U junu mesecu ove godine, Ministarka za telekomunikacije i informaciono društvo Jasna Matić najavila je početak rada PayPal sistema plaćanja za 2010. g.

    Ispostavilo se da je za ulazak nekog internacionalnog sistema plaćanja i naplate potrebn…

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