Online Privacy: New Instructions and Law Regulations in Serbia

Serbia’s Republican Agency for Telecommunications – RATEL, published the Instructions for Technical Requirements for Subsystems, Devices, Hardware and Installation of Internet Networks which have shaken up our local blogosphere and Internet community in Serbia. Reasons are many, one of them is abuse of user’s privacy. I wrote an article for Global Voices today on this topic. In case you’re interested follow the link.

Similar cyber laws and technical instructions already exist in other countries. Formally, at least, it’s good to have such regulation on one side where privacy is protected – formally, but, on the other hand, I am wondering if the Republican Agency for Telecommunications in Serbia, national security and ISP will (or will not) violate and abuse privacy of citizens in the internet community in practice.


  1. Hey interesting blog – our government here in South Africa is trying to push the same legislation through as well much to our chagrin.

    Give my regards to Belgrade – I miss her : )

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