My lectures about Facebook at the School of Web Journalism

Two weeks ago I’ve finished with giving lectures on Social networks at the School of Web Journalism. This was my gig for the second generation of students who urged to learn more about Web 2.0: understanding it, writing, using, evaluating, communicating, reporting, exchanging information, helping in Cause, practicing activism in real life situations.

I have to say I’m really suprised that this second generation is very advanced and pro-active, innovative and creative and I really enjoyed working with them. Those who don’t know my approach in teaching (in this case of lecturing) – I practice non-linear and non-traditional but again very disciplinary, engaging and participatory practices.

The course I have created this time was Social networks and beyond. We’ve been working on the Facebook  for web journalists’ needs in everyday, practical work: from feeds (news and live feeds), publishing on Facebook through different modules (posted items, posted notes, etc.) through promotion, marketing and PR, to micro communities and forums within Facebook (groups and pages). More about this is also available on Slideshare. The next action was introduction to Facebook advertising for web journalists throught different methods and practices for different purposes (brand, person, blog, cause, event, organization, businesses, etc.). Afterwards, I wanted to see how they would create and coordinate a real life situation in the form of the Cause that reached the media audience outside this social network. More about this on Slideshare, and an overview on the Rising/Global Voices.


  1. Danica gave really useful lecture in Web Journalism School. Thank you so much

  2. Goran Necin says:

    It was good lecture. Thanx in the name of all students from Web Journalism School.
    All the best.

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