Mobile live video sharing in education technology and conferences

Today I’ve tested for the very first time Qik – mobile live streaming and sharing tool that connects mobile and social technologies. I had a thought after this demo video with my colleague at UN about implementation of mobile video streaming into not only broadcasting conferences, events, but also in edu technology. The latest news from Qik blog is participating in edu-tech conference where Qik videos will be mapped on Google Earth in its worldwide demonstration so educators from all over the world can test this tool in their classrooms.

Some concern I’m sharing is that streaming over the phone cannot be possible anytime, everywhere, depending on many factors: providers, mobile telecom companies, fees/charges, mobile devices and their ability to support (or not) wifi, availability of free wifi hot spots, social networked compatibility among users, the type/model of mobile phones (see the list of supported phones), etc.

In this test video you’ll notice that during the time I was showing to Gauri Qik, streaming online my first Qik video, and notifying my followers on Twitter,  there were also parallel broadcast of the conference happening somewhere in the world. Beside alerting your friends on Twitter and on the other social networks, there are options for live chat, comments, and geo-mapping. More thoughts about mobile social technologies to come.

Qik test

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