May Haiku and blogging

I am back from May day holiday, resting my eyes in green, no gadgets but my cell + PDA , no wireless, nothing, just nature, and in the middle of my ‘lazy few days ‘I’ve been interviewed by specialized ILS magazine on what is going on in Serbia considering the usage of IT and Web 2.0 forms in certain areas, there were talking about blogs as well. Can’t wait to see the preview before printing. Beside lot of emails that I will reply tomorrow as well (time management & priorities-> that is why I stay now very late and will wake up early to make things done by tomorrow afternoon) I got one unusual and very inspirational email, complementary I would say from E-LIS OA, a phd colleague from IT area on what I write, blog, etc. I knew I was responsible by feeding many souls in this E or better B-shere, and that my hits are decreasing as subscriptions to B&B are increasing, but as I mentioned many times in my Science blogging lecture before holidays, comments and interaction ‘make it’, as supervisor asked: why do we need blogs when we have web site? So, do comment in public – sometimes, often. Not here, but in general. E-mails are nice…but open feedback is even nicer. And as tomorrow I’ll upload nature photographs at Flicker, this is pre-May Day Haiku from my office, creation and idea by one of the colleagues.

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