Internet on The Balkans

This weekend the Internet has celebrated the twenty years of the World Wide Web that on 6 August 1991 became publicly available; and Sir Tim Berners-Lee published the first ever website. Back then, he posted a short summary of the project on the alt.hypertext newsgroup. I was trying to remember my first html page back in 1996, probably stored on many floppy disks, maybe one day I will be able to extract the data and go back to the 90s.

Also, this weekend, I gave a short overview on the recent findings of a study of the Internet usage in the Balkan region. It is interesting to know that in the former Yugoslavia there are over 10.5 million Internet users, which makes up 51.7% of the region’s population. Facebook is the most popular destination: over 70% of Internet users have a Facebook account in Serbia, and 63% – in Croatia.

As I wrote for the Global Voices article, it would be also interesting to see the age distribution among users and other relevant demographics, as well as the analysis of online social interactions on other Internet services and social media sites. Statistical and educational institutions in each of the Balkan countries could generate and use the data on the relevant online activities to detect and focus on their critical users, to adjust their policies and action plans based on the data. More about this in English, Arabic, Serbian, French, and Italian.

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