Lessons from the Internet Governance Forum, Geneva #IGF2017

Last week, we had an opportunity to participate and discuss with other internet creators and practitioners in Geneva, at the Internet Governance Forum. Since there were numerous parallel tracks, I followed and participated in those tracks related to access, digital inclusion, policy, and privacy. I tweeted live from the event (#IGF2017), and there are the main lessons and thoughts that came out to the surface (many of them, again, for years now):

  • Technology is personal, and political.
  • We need to unpack power structures in technology, digital security, and usage.
  • Basic literacy training with respect to how to use computers and basic applications with computers and basic applications on the Internet.
  • Digital literacy is a key pillar in terms of opportunities and barriers, of privacy and security online. It’s not just about the usage, also about the awareness and engagement with the local communities.
  • Digital skills and awareness are needed not only in underdeveloped countries – also – in developed countries.
  • We need good practices for the safer online environment -> our entire educational system has to start early on what they hear and see in an online sphere.

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