International conference for Digital libraries and Semantic Web 2009

If you’ve recently noticed on my Twitter statuses mentioning ICSD2009 and reviewing papers and communicating with other reviewers and scientists, it was because two weeks ago I was denoted a role of Programme Committee member for the scientific conference on digital libraries and semantic web. Since I’ve never been before in the conference Board or in the position as reviewer of scientific papers – this experience is super interesting to me as I’m dedicated to these both acts.

There are plenty of good quality papers (at least those I’ve read) that cover variety of topics: from open access, open standards, content development (re:tools and techniques), to architecture for Semantic Web, methodologies, vocabulary and taxonomy development, intelligent agents in sem web, all in all very interesting compilation. If you happen to be in Italy in September 8-11, 2009, don’t miss this conference taking place at the University of Trento. More about it on ICSD 2009 web site and topics to be discussed on the conference.

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