Inside Social Media

Something you may find interesting: the International Glocal conference “Inside Social Media” invites researchers and industry practitioners interested in creating and analyzing social media for a continuous discussion that was started, very successfully, at the last year’s conference “Glocal 2.0: Blogging: Evolution Treated as Revolution”, organizers say in their call for papers. This conference is organized by New York University Skopje and Faculty of Communication and Media Studies, and one unique conference in the Balkan region.  Areas of interest varies from the networked culture collaboration, social media tools in working environment to shapeshifting identities, learning practices, ethnographic studies of social media.

I am looking forward to see this tradition for fostering new technology and social media topics emerge  as well in the future, as such events are necessary in SouthEast Europe. If you are planning to attend the conference, buzz me on Dopplr or email.

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