1. Oscar says:

    WOOOOW Danica!!!
    congratulations!! i am very happy to hear this; people like you should make a big difference: so i am proud as well 😉
    all the very best, oscar

  2. Many, many congratulations, Danica! 🙂 Very good to hear! Can’t wait to hear more about it as you move forward.

  3. Jonathan says:

    Fantastic news Danica.I know FAO well and lived in Rome for a year in the 90s. It is a magnificent city. You will LOVE it.


  4. Enza says:

    Congrats! got to your post via @hrheingold. Enjoy and looking forward to reading about your UN position.

    In case you want to practice your italian on Twitter, my university students have a community with Italians in Trento here: (just for fun, of course!)


  5. Davor says:

    Congratulations and good luck in Rome 😡

  6. Danica says:

    Wooow Oscar! 🙂 Thank you! We are making the difference to this world. I’m blessed to know you.

    Michael, thank you! I couldn’t make last year to IL08, maybe this…will keep you posted.

    Jonathan, thank you, I know that Fao and Roma are wonderful, now I can experience that.

    Enza, thank you for the link. Italian Trento Twitter cloud looks interesting. Wondering if there is such for Rome..

    Davor, thanks:)

  7. David Sasaki says:

    This is such great news Danica. Congratulations, and I’m looking forward to all the dots you lay down and connect in the future.

  8. Irradiatus says:


    My new „I know a famous person“ line:

    „Yeah – I’m friends with a chic who’s creating the internet future for the UN. I took her to Food Lion to get pastries and cough medicine.“

    That’s so awesome for you. Hopefully you’ll keep us up to date here…

  9. Great! Wish you all the best, I know you can do it :)…

  10. Bogdan says:

    Congrats! Great news and keep on!

  11. draga moja, slučajnosti _ne postoje_!!!:-D E, _svaka ti čast_!!!! Bravo!!!

  12. Anders says:

    Great news Danica! Congratulations and I wish you all the best in your future as an UN employee!
    I hope you will still find to keep in touch….

  13. violina12 says:

    Veoma sam uzbudjena što odlaziš na dužnost u Rim i to u Ujedinjene nacije. Bravo!!! Milica

  14. violina12 says:

    Veoma sam uzbudjena što odlaziš u Rim na dužnost i to u
    Ujedinjene nacije. Bravo !!!! Milica

  15. Lilly says:

    Dear Danica,
    Wonderful news and so richly deserved! I am sure you will really enjoy the life in Rome and the opportunities new UN post offers. You have shown so much initiative already.
    As for language, my niece learnt to speak fluent Italian in 6 months from the start of her MSc in Pavia. So, no worries there.
    On the packing front, take little- new world, new set of things!
    Please keep in touch

  16. Danica says:

    hvala na lepim zeljama! thank you for nice wishes!

    Lily, thank you for lovely words. I will learn Italian on the run – don’t see much problem with it, had Latin in high school too.
    Ah, packing is….a sweet problem:)

  17. Predrag Pajic says:

    Draga Danice,
    Pokusavam neprestano da Vam telefoniram, ali kako je to normalno, valjda to svi koji Vas vole sad to cine.

    Zaista sam presrecan da ste uspeli da postaneke stanovnik Vecnog Grada i zelim Vam mnogo uspeha.

    Iskreno Vas

  18. Americ says:

    Awesome! And I know that it is just the beginning of many, many good things for you.

  19. Jeroen says:

    Well done girl! I wish you the best of luck and happiness in your new endeavours!

  20. Dear D. Good good news. Sorry to have been out of touch for so long. I felt really bad that I couldn’t check your draft submission for you. Please stay in touch. My family are all well. Best S

  21. Marc Rapp says:

    That is amazing news. Best of luck!

  22. Milos says:

    Congratulations! Keep on moving up!

  23. Helen says:

    Hi Danica,
    I was searching on the Internet on how to joing UN and I got into your blog! I’m still a high school student – how can I prepare myself on a UN career? Thanks a million!

  24. Danica says:

    Helen – you prepare yourself, if you really want to work for UN, by studying the area of your interest passionately. Lifelong learning. No big philosophy.

  25. Freyre, Paulo says:


    How are you doing at KCEW/FAO/UNO?

    I love your Serendipities.


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