Going to LeWeb’09

First to let you know I am in Oxford, UK, at Oxford Internet Institute, having great time on my quest. This is info for all people, colleagues and friends who’ve been asking me in the last few weeks: In which part of the world are you know? I’m trying to get into academic mode and research, but I’ll write about this in my next post.

Few days ago I got email notice [as being lucky and talented blogger] for attending LeWeb’09 conference with the official blogger accreditation. I guess years and years of writing and blogging both here and on cooperative and science blogs mean something to organisers as I’m the chosen one to have accreditation and spend time this year on Real-Time Web. I hope intensive and demanding PhD programme and research won’t make me get into hermitting mode, but for your information this December in Paris these people will be talking and I have a chance to go and talk, network with them. Again, as being academic at this present moment – I hope I’ll find interesting content in the program.

Let me know if someone is also going to LeWeb’09 and this is discount code for those who want to attend, and I’m sharing with you: BLOG09, which is 10% off the ticket price to the conference.


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