1. Hi Danica,

    this school project is wonderful and should receive a prompt support from the european community.

    The main idea beyound those kind of project is to develop simple IT tools to engage students into some activity that they can enjoy.

    In research I did I found some interesting project under the ISO 9001 label, in Japan, where students where asked to take notes and verify all environmental conditions of a place or a building (heat, light, energy consumption, noise etc…)

    There is also some very interesting activities that were developed to bring students together outside (in parks or gardens) to identify plants, animals insects etc…(see Encylopedia of Life – EOL) – and to make a short story (story telling) about what they see, feel or imagine about their environment – combining arts and sciences into a learning program.

    Thanks for informing us about this project. I’m sure that TCFIR would be very interested in supporting such a project.

    Have a good day.



  2. Danica says:

    Hi Jasmin,

    It is sub-project within larger one (for fostering e-society and communications).
    Program strategy depends on Serbian Ministry now, I’m not sure if someone asks there students what do they think. I hope they will be wise enough to create variety of useful programs both for the primary schools and the higher education.

    Very interesting examples you mentioned, I’d be happy to see the synergy of the art and science into creativity processes, not only in the countries in transition, but everywhere.

    Thank you for your comment.

  3. Hi again,


    I was refering to the ISO 14001 protocol, not the 9001. My mistake.

    Thanks and have a good day Danica.


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